Walmart & eBay Account

Walmart Services

Walmart’s online store averages more than 100 million customers in a month. Walmart is also the second-largest online marketplace for third-party sellers. Walmart does not require you to pay any signup fees, nor does it levy any other periodic fees of any kind. The only fees charged are the referral fees on items you sell via their platform.

Walmart Account Management

Managing Walmart’s online account can be a difficult matter for many people. Managing a number of different tasks for the online store, as well as managing the other aspects of your business can be exhausting, and almost next to impossible.

e-Companions lets you leave the account’s maintenance and management up to us, and allows you to focus on the strategic elements of your entire business instead of worrying over the e-commerce part of the business.

Walmart consultancy services

Consult a Walmart expert for ways to improve the sales of your Walmart store, and find out how to increase your revenue and profit.

Setting up a store on Walmart might not turn a profit unless you create efficient and effective marketing copies to advertise your product to the customers. Our veteran consultants can help you figure out what your store needs to succeed on Walmart despite the fierce competition.

Walmart consultancy services

Advertising your Walmart store and marketing your products is a great way to help your offerings stand out from the crowd.
e-Companions offers expert marketing services across multiple channels in order to help you stand out from the crowd and rise above your competition to increase sales and revenue.

eBay Services


As of today, the eBay online Marketplace plays host to nearly 170 million buyers worldwide on the platform, who have listed over one billion items online for their consumers.


Our eBay Marketplace services are geared towards providing you with our expert skill set in order to

Account Management

At e-Companions, the expert project managers assigned to your eBay account will manage all the aspects of running your store on the eBay Marketplace, for maximum ROI. We understand that a business owner has various tasks to attend to, and with us managing your e-commerce store for you, you can attend to those tasks knowing that your store is in good hands.

Listing Creation

Our team of experts knows what is needed for an eye-catching and traffic-generating product listing, and aim to provide that for each of their clients. With us creating the listings for your product on the eBay platform, you will see your products ranking better than your competition in no time.


Our listings are optimized to rank high on the product search on the eBay platform. And to boost their reach further, we also set up your product listing on to the eBay Promoted Listings Ads, which are visible in search results as well the various product pages.

Bulk Listing

For stores with large inventories of products, we also provide bulk-listing services. Our team carefully curates all your products onto a spreadsheet, in order to upload them to the platform in one go, and to keep track of all your products available on the eBay platform.

Store Creation

Helping you set up your store is one of our most sought-after services. For a newcomer to the platform, creating a new online store can be quite challenging. With us managing that task for them, we help them set up their account.